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A Sustainable Remedy for the Lower Passaic River

Once a thriving center for recreation and commerce, the Lower Passaic River has become a classic example of an abused urban waterway. Problems include dioxin contamination at the river bottom from the former Diamond Shamrock plant in Newark, and ongoing sources outside the river.

It is a multi-faceted problem that requires a holistic solution. The areas of highest contamination must be quickly removed from the river bottom, allowing the slow healing that has begun in recent years to accelerate. Targeted removals would reduce risk from surface sediment by about 80 percent in 5 years. Simultaneously, action is needed to reduce flows of pathogens, nutrients and runoff into the river.

These actions are embodied in a cleanup program known as the Sustainable Remedy for the Lower Passaic. This Sustainable Remedy is the most effective way to make the River better faster and accelerate the process of returning the Lower Passaic Watershed to what it once was.

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